What Are the Best Family Hiking Trails with the Best Views?

It’s summer, and you want to get out of the house. You want to get your kids away from their screens and show them something REAL. Give them some nature! Take them hiking!

But where? What trails in the Upper Valley can, say, a 6-year-old manage? And what trail summit is going to make that looooong, borrrring, buggy hike all worth it in the end?

Help us find all the best family-friendly hiking trails with the most breathtaking views!

The goal here on the Best of the UV blog is to create the definitive list of every good thing about the Upper Valley—with the help of the people who live here and know it best.

So leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite family hike is, and we’ll make sure to include in the Best-Of list that will publish later this week!

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