Duncan Frazer poses with his father, Mike, after winning the state title in June.

Windsor’s Frazer receives the Frank Giamartino Memorial Baseball Award

Submitted 5 months ago

On Wednesday, July 11, it was announced that Windsor’s Duncan Frazer was the recipient of the 2018 Frank Giamartino Memorial Baseball Award, presented by the Southern Vermont Baseball Umpires Association.

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The award, in honor and memory of the long-time baseball umpire who died 12 years ago in a tragic accident, is not like any other in the area in that it is presented to a player who closely exhibits the attributes that Frank had for the game of baseball. Even though Duncan was a three-year starter at the catcher position for Windsor High School, this award is not about ability, but rather the respect and passion for the game, and a never ending hustle.

“Duncan is baseball 365 days a year… absolutely loves the game… a very intelligent player,” said Windsor head baseball coach, Jamie Richardson. “To be recognized by the Southern Vermont Umpires Association for passion and respect for the game is a great accomplishment. I’m very proud of Duncan. I wouldn’t be surprised if Duncan is a baseball coach someday… hopefully with the Yellow Jackets.”

The love of the game is something that Frazer takes pride in, and when I spoke to the 5-time State Champion on Thursday, he was very appreciative of receiving the award.

“This award means a lot to me because I go to the field every day and work the hardest I can… usually the first one there and the last one to leave,” said Frazer. “I love the game of baseball. I’ve played ever since I was 5 years old. There’s nothing better than being on the field playing the game you love and giving it your all.”

“I would call this a great ending to my high school career,” he said. “It’s an honor to receive this award. Coach [Jamie Richardson] mentioned to me that I was nominated for it but I never really put much thought into it as I was focused on the season at hand. I was just going to continue to play the way that I play and if I won the award that would be great.”

When asked what it means to be a leader and how it feels to represent Windsor, Frazer said, “You can lead a team in other ways than just with your arm and with your bat. Being vocal and picking up your teammates in the game of baseball is just as important as the big double late in the game. I feel I represented Windsor the best that I could. I’m a positive guy on and off the field, always helping my teammates in whatever way I can and just being a leader for my team.”

“Displaying good sportsmanship is something that comes easy,” Frazer said when asked if he tries to exemplify sportsmanship on the diamond. “All you have to do is focus on your job and not worry what’s going on in the game and just talk baseball… and no bad sportsmanship will come about.”

The team-oriented player that Duncan Frazer is, he was honest in saying it doesn’t stack up to what he accomplished with his best friends as one unit (5 state titles between football, basketball, and baseball).

“Individual awards do not have the same kind of feeling for me as winning a championship. There is no better feeling than to win it all with your brothers. I’m not one to worry about my stats… as long as we win the game that’s all that matters.”

That is exactly what it means to win the Frank Giamartino Memorial Baseball Award. It’s not about a high batting average or huge RBI numbers, but rather doing whatever it takes to win and support your teammates, simply for the love of the game.



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