Elder Abuse Meets the Law in South Royalton Today and Tomorrow

Today and tomorrow at Jonathan Chase Center at Vermont Law School. Is FAST of VT’s inaugural conference on elder financial abuse.

Packed House at VLS Greets Top State Lawyers

Top state officials and law enforcers from Maine, NH, and VT were invited to present to a packed house at VLS by FAST of VT. FAST is the national nonprofit created by Victoria (Tori) Lloyd of Norwich, VT to address elder financial abuse by caretakers, those who hold powers of attorney, and others in fiduciary capacities to care for elderly friends, family members, or clients. FAST stands for Financial Abuse Specialist Team, and it now has a Vermont chapter, thanks to Tori Lloyd’s considerable efforts.

Top law enforcers take the stage. Elder financial abuse is the topic for today, tomorrow, and the future for FAST and many states around the country.

Introductory conference comments were made by Tori, and by NH Attorney General Gordon MacDonald, NH AAG Brendan Garod, and Sunny Mulligan-Shea, Victim Witness Advocate. CT Attirbey General TJ Donovan made a series of compelling arguments through stories of his own family members to hold caretakers of the elderly accountable for their actions. For Donovan, elder abuse is a major public health issue and important issue of simple dignity, respect, and safety for our fellow family members and friends. 

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Dozens of conference attendees include representatives from law firms, banks and other financial institutions, health care and elder care organizations, and consultants in the elder care industry.

So what’s the bottom line? Well, if you have an elderly person in your care, watch out, especially if you’re in a position to help them spend their money. Lawmakers and law enforcers can recognize patterns of bad behavior and can charge/convict caretakers with a felony crime like theft. They’ve become adept at tracking check, debit and credit card transactions in concert with banks. And they can boil down years worth of  transactions into a simple spreadsheet to present to and convince judge and jury of elder financial abuse.

If you have questions about what you can and can’t do, contact FAST of VT and ask. Or, if you think someone you know is not operating in an elderly person’s financial best interests, please contact FAST and ask.  FAST can help and may be reached by email at: victoria@athenaadvocacy.com.

Given that Maine, NH, and VT are the top three states in aging populations nationwide, this conference in the heart of Vermont, and at its preeminent Vermont Law School in South Royalton is a fitting way for Tori Lloyd and FAST of Vermont to step out into the world helping those elderly family and friends we so dearly cherish.

Elder financial abuse is real and ongoing with caretakers and family members. It includes psychological abuse by caretakers, too. More than 50 FAST of VT conference attendees from Maine, NH, and VT are learning how to protect the financial best interests of the elderly from very capable and well-spoken State law enforcement officials.


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