6 True Story Action and Suspense Movies on Netflix that Will Keep You Wondering What Happens Next

I can't wait to watch all of these!  Mix fear, trouble, and a lot of conflict and you'll find yourself wondering what will happen next like in Pefect Sisters.  Be inspired by the bravery, decisiveness, and quick thinking of the characters in Sand Castle, Chronicle of an Escape, or Six Days. Or just be glued to the tv in Wind River or 100 Streets.

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Wind River - Not many movies have someone from US Fish and Wildlife Service as a main role.  In this movie a tracker with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service helps an FBI agent in a murder case in Wyoming.  The setting is on a reservation, which makes for another unique aspect of this film.

100 Streets - I like the concept of this movie: how people within a neighborhood can go about their daily lives and somehow life brings their stories together.  Set in London, the movie follows the lives of three different people (an ex-rugby star and his wife, a cabbie, and a drug dealer looking for a way out) as they struggle and find meaning in life.

Six Days - In 1980 an armed gunman takes over the Iranian embassy and British soldiers work together to take it back in a six day stand off.

Sand Castle - A group of soldiers are sent on a dangerous mission to work on a village's water system after the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  

Perfect Sisters - After being tired of their mother's drinking and abusive boyfriends, two sisters plot to kill their mother, and succeed.  Now they need to cover it up, but can they keep their secret?

Chronicle of an Escape - Claudio Tamburrini, a soccer goalie, is kidnapped by the Argentine military.  After being tortured, he and a group of prisoners, plan their escape.

Watch one or them all and tell me what you think!

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