Beware the Lovely Daylily

Don’t get me wrong. I love daylilies, even the common orange one that spreads by root - forcing its way, uninvited, into places where I don’t necessarily want it. Daylilies are tough, hardy and remarkably diverse in color, size and blossom shape. The Chinese market in Montreal even sells roots for cooking, and I love the taste of the petals in a salad.

This double orange, like the common orange one, spreads by root.

The scientific name for daylily is Hemerocallis which is Greek for “beautiful for a day.” Each blossom lasts just a day, but for years I have been picking them and using them in flower arrangements. Given bright light, a scape (or stem) of daylily will continue to bloom in a vase as the buds open, one at a time, for up to a week.

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So I recently picked some gorgeous daylilies and placed them in a vase which I placed on a nice antique cherry table in front of a picture window. The next morning there was a big blob of goop on the table. Dark goop. I assumed my aging kitty, Winnie, had vomited on the table and went to clean it up.

The dark red one was the culprit.

As I cleaned it up, a spent daylily blossom fell from the arrangement landing on the table. It was a dark red daylily, and the blossom oozed dark goo. Then another fell, also oozing goo.

The first blossom’s goo had been there for hours, I guess, and it stained the table. Nothing I could do would remove the stain. Oh well. The moral to the story is to be careful where you place a vase of daylilies. The yellow ones in the vase gave me no trouble, just that big red juicy one. Still, it could ruin a tablecloth or stain a table, so beware.

This stain won't go away. Any ideas how to get it out?

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