Paper Straws Make a Strong Comeback

Summer fun with paper, not plastic, straws is at hand!

C'mon Upper Valley, Let's Use Paper, Not Plastic

Seattle has done it. Starbucks has done it. And there are efforts underway in New York, Washington, DC, and Portland, OR to do it. How about right here in the Upper Valley? Do we really need to place a ban on plastic straws to stop using these single-use, throw-away plastic nuisances? 

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I remember fondly the candy-caned striped paper straws as a kid and wonder if we can just simply start using them in all restaurants, eateries, snack bars, ice cream stands, and coffee shops all around the Upper Valley without having to legislate it.

Paper straws come in lots of fun colors!


Waaddaya say, Upper Valley? Let's start by asking our favorite milk-shake makers, coffee baristas, waiters, waitresses, or restaurant owners for paper (not plastic) straws — the fun striped ones that all kids adore. We can do it if we all pull together on this one.

Colors that span the rainbow for paper straws.

Start by sharing this post as broadly as you can with friends and family, and let's see what we can do together as a small Upper Valley community of people who care. Its all in the spirit of preventing single-sue plastic straws from polluting marine waters and affecting marine life, including the fish in our lakes, rivers, and streams, not to mention filling up our shrinking landfills with non-compostable plastic straws.

Can we finally make the UV see "the last straw" (plastic, not paper) by the end of this summer? Let's give it a whirl!


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