H/T To ‘A Better Town Plan’ Group

A tip o' the hat (US President Calvin Coolidge, 1924). Source: Wikipedia and Library of Congress

In blogging parlance, a “hat tip”  (often abbreviated to "HT", "H/T") is an acknowledgement to “someone who has made a significant contribution toward an effort,” says Wikipedia.  

With the Town Plan adopted by the Selectboard, a hat tip is due to a small informal group of residents that doggedly pushed for changes to the Planning Commission draft of the Town Plan. 

For nearly a year, participants of the group attended Selectboard meetings and hearings, raising concerns about the process and substance of the Planning Commission Town Plan. On occasion, the comments struck me as over the top. But, overall, the comments raised public awareness about flaws in the draft Town Plan, particularly with Map 11. The group did their homework too, drafting an alternative Town Plan labeled 'A Better Town Plan'. See Group Proposes ‘A Better Town Plan’.

Detractors dismissed the group as a vocal minority. The former Director of Planning used the pejorative term NIMBY to describe them. However, unlike the Planning Commission, the Selectboard saw merit to some of the issues raised. Map 11 of the Planning Commission was replaced. The plan was revised in several places to say that development should be “consistent with the size and scale of existing developments in Norwich.” That verbiage was a important part of 'A Better Town Plan'. See Should the Town Plan limit size and scale of development? 

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POSTED: 07.15.2018 

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