Classic maple Ludwig Drum Set - price reduced!
Peter mills
Price:  Asking $1000.00

Classic maple Ludwig 6 piece drum set in the Thermogloss finish. This has 13” and 14” rack toms, 16” and 18” floor toms, a 24” bass drum; and a 14” Ludwig snare.  In addition, there are Six Zildjian cymbals: a 22” medium ride, 16” crash, 16” ride, 15” crash and two 14” hi-hat cymbals with stands and hi-hat included.   All original parts aside from the heads. Tom mount, spurs, leg brackets, and mufflers are all 100% functioning! Batter heads have been upgraded and do have play left.  Cases included.  See the pictures for more details!,  802-649-1951.  Peter Mills.

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