(Re) open for business: Piecemeal Pies in WRJ!

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Mark Travis

When I stopped by Piecemeal Pies just after it reopened Friday morning, the restaurant was filling with the smell of good things baking and the sound of customers chatting at their tables. Co-owner Justin Barrett was working the grill after a two-week hiatus.

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"I had to take some personal time," he said. "... This place doesn't ride if we're not healthy."

Piecemeal is reopening with reduced hours -- Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays -- that should let Barrett and his team focus their efforts. Especially on brunch -- "so needed," he said, "so well-received."

It also frees the bandwidth needed to develop a pre-order business.

"It sort of offers more to the public and it's much more sustainable for us," he said.

Welcome back!

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