From the Archives: B-17 Plane Crashes in Randolph

Submitted 4 months ago

Each year on Memorial Day locals gather on Fish Hill Road to commemorate the three U.S. military officers who died in a plane crash there during World War II. Even though respects are paid each May, the event itself took place in July. Here’s the 75-year-old report from the Herald and News’ July 1, 1943 edition:

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Residents of Randolph were eyewitnesses Sunday afternoon a military airplane crash resulting in the three fatalities.

Seven crew members were successfully dropped by parachute as the four-motored B-17 plane lost altitude.

After leaving Nebraska early Sunday morning, the brand-new plane was expected to land in Maine that evening, before continuing onward to the European battle area.

After flying over Randolph to the east, the plane started to circle back towards the village, discharging four crew members with parachutes, followed by three more moments later. Three remained onboard, and perished as the plane crashed.

With two motors out of action, the plane lost elevation quite rapidly over the valley, striking trees with tremendous force, and shearing a pathway over the summit.

Upon making contact with the trees the plane began losing parts, strewing wreckage for a quarter mile until the destroyed plane came to rest at the Owen Seymour farm, on Fish Hill Road.


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