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Another Illuminating Day

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Dave Celone

Lampscapes in WRJ Shines

Another day of lampshade making. Fine art shades. My goal is to make one per week that Lampscapes owner, Ken Blaisdell, will be willing to sell. He has high standards, yet a very forgiving demeanor as a teacher (thank goodness!). 

The new Lampscapes window display is ready for you as you wander the easy streets of WRJ.

Today, I still hadn’t received the palm frond raffia thread I’d hoped to use to sew a new shade to its top and bottom rings. So, instead, I did some cleaning and redecorating. Ken and I collaborated on a new front window design, and I installed a bevy of bulbs to insure all customers have the brightest view of all lamps and shades in the shop. 

Another beautifully-painted and rendered art shade.

After selling a floor lamp with built-in oval shelf hand-crafted of polished steel, Ken and I decided we’d done enough with interior design. He went back to painting shades and also popped out a few of his small painting on canvas. I remain amazed at Ken’s constant creativity, and the quality of his artwork on and off his shades. 

Ken’s small paintings are numerous and distinctively well-conceived and wrought

Ken’s abstract paintings, as large as 4 x 5 foot and as small as 2.5 x 3.5 inches are luscious and powerful. His abstracted landscapes on canvas and shades smack of artfully conceived places like the ochre-infused Tuscan countryside or a rough and tumble Scottish moor. 

One of my favorites. Black & white cityscape.

Next week I promise I’ll have the fiber to sew up my next lampshade. And it’ll be in living color on an origami shade. Can’t wait I’m so excited.  Hope you’re enjoying this artful journey of mine.

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Meanwhile, White River Junction is shining even brighter with a new window display at Lampscapes, 77 Gates St,, just across the street from Northern Stage. These are, without a doubt, the best fine art shades you’ll find anywhere.

Hope to see you on Wednesday.  Stop by when you can!

Lampscapes shades will brighten and liven up your life. Here, an origami art shade on floral porcelain base.


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