Mountain names, typewriter games, and legal weed

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Changing Mt. Ascutney to ...

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The Vermont Board of Libraries is considering a petitioned request to change the name of Mt. Ascutney to Kaskadenak — similar to how President Obama changed Mount McKinley to its original Native American name, Denali. 

Proponents say heck yes. It's time to give Native Americans of the region some respect. Opponents say "Um, excuse me, the cost of changing maps, street signs and more would be absurd."

UV Pulse rating: +2

Comments: Change isn't easy. But sometimes it's necessary. We commend these studious librarians for bringing the conversation to the table. But we also wonder, what does the mountain want? Surely it existed before Native Americans were here. So, what would it like to be called?  

Hitting the DELETE key on a staple local business

Twin State Typewriter is one of the few remaining typewriter sales and repair shops on the planet. And it's right here in White River Junction.

But by the end of July, it'll be gone. No control-alt-delete restarts. No software upgrades. Gone like [most] video rental stores. 

UV Pulse rating: -1

Comments: This isn't a story of some big box store pushing them out. Half-a-century run is pretty incredible. So the -1 is just for sadness of its departure. But progress is progress. We here at the UV Pulse commend owner Wanda Nalette for her run. Of course, we commend her from our laptop. Not a typewriter. Boo us. But hey, imagine spelling Kaskadenak without the comfort of spell check!

Taking the VT growing culture to a new high

In case you didn't know (or for some reason can't remember, ahem) July 1st marked the day it became legal to grow pot in VT

This is a hot debate, obviously. Not everyone's on board with legal weed. But it's here. And as a progressive state (legal marriage, anyone?) it only made sense VT was one of the leaders in this cultural shift. 

Other states have legalized it, and rather than be inundated with pot-hungry folks turning their communities upside down, these states have grossed millions in revenue. 

UV Pulse rating: +2

Comments: To the UV Pulse, it always seemed odd to make a naturally growing plant illegal. Come to think of it, now that pot is off that banned list, why not replace it with dandelions? We think we can get some support for that? AMIRIGHT? 

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+3 today.

Total: 77/100

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