WRJ Gets a New Space

It's no stretch to say Cicely Conway and Britton Mann are excited about the new Open Door Movement Lab.

Seems like it's taken forever, but in a few months one short block of North Main Street in downtown WRJ will be utterly transformed. Little Istanbul will be open. JUEL will be open. There’ll be a Cambodian place where the Polka Dot used to be

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That's all on the north side of the street. Meanwhile, it's the south side -- for so long overshadowed by all the construction across the street -- that will see the first actual new space you can walk into. Open Door, the wellness center a couple of doors down from Revolution, has expanded next door, and recently threw a party to introduce its new Movement Lab. 

Right now it’s a wide-open space with a wide-open maple floor, dappled walls -- sky blue blending to white -- a couple of pillars, and the empty echo of a vacant room. But that will change, says Open Door founder Kate Gamble. “We wanted to create a similar vibe to what we already have, but [the original space] will be more serene, while over here, this will be more playful and energetic.”

For one thing, Open Door’s dance classes will shift over from the space they’ve been renting at Upper Valley Yoga. The martial arts classes the center offers, along with its personal training sessions, will also move into the movement lab. Then, in late summer or early fall, the center will expand into fitness classes and, Gamble hopes, classes that get people up in the air, like aerial yoga. “We want to establish something unique,” Gamble says. “We’re not trying to compete with other fitness or yoga places, but I think of it as an adult playground: There can be crawling, hanging, climbing, all the functional movement. A lot of us have forgotten how to do it because of our lifestyles, but we’re wired to do this kind of movement.”


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