Our Divided Country: How to Find Common Ground

OSHER@Dartmouth's 2018 Summer Lecture Series

For the twenty-first year in a row, OSHER@Darthmouth begins its Summer Lecture Series in Spaulding Auditorium, in Hanover, NH, on Thursday, July 12, at 9:00 AM. The general topic for this year’s series is Our Divided Country: How to Find Common Ground.

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The first speaker, Steven Levitsky, Ph.D., is the co-author of the best-selling book How Democracies Die. Quoting from their book, Levitsky and his co-author Daniel Ziblatt are both professors of government at Harvard University and they address a question that most Americans never thought they would have to ask: Is our democracy in danger? Together they have spent over twenty years studying the breakdown of democracies in both Europe and Latin America and they believe that the answer is, "Yes." Democracy no longer ends with a bang – in a revolution or military coup – but with a whimper: the slow, steady weakening of critical institutions, such as the judiciary and the press and the gradual erosion of long-standing political norms. The good news is that there are several exit ramps on the road to authoritarianism. The bad news is that, by electing Donald Trump, we have already passed the first one.

Professor Levitsky’s lecture is open to the general public. Tickets are $25.00 at the door. For more information on this lecture and the entire six-lecture series go to osher.dartmouth.edu or call (603) 646-0154.


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