Quiz Time! Try some of these silly and enlightening quizzes

What Makes You Feel Loved? 

There are lot of quizzes out there based on the work of Gary Chapman who wrote the 5 Love Languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.  The idea is that you may give love the way you like to receive it, which may not be the way the other person best feels loved.  I know I'm all about quality time with acts of service, affirmation and physical touch after that.  These quizzes are fun to do but a bit tricky because I wanted to answer more than one for some of them; I feel most loved with cards, quality time, and when someone does something thoughtful.  How can I pick just one?

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I like this love language quiz because it tells you what percentage of each love language you're at.  Of course I had a hard time picking just one many times.  A massage, a friend offering to help, or a surprise gift - - can't I choose them all as something that makes me feel good?

This quiz is short, 8 questions, and offers a bit more variety in the answers so you feel less tempted to pick all of the answers.  I also like the questions and answers, they make me think.  Which way do I feel the most loved or show love...or feel my best?  This is a similar quiz in terms of questions and answers, but a bit longer.  What I like about this one is it tells you more about the love language at the end and how you can use the information to better interact with those you love.

What Type of Friend are You?

This Buzzfeed quiz is super cute and a fun layout.  The responses are entertaining and I really like the pictures as a response too.  It's more fun to take than the results.  It said I was a Wild Card and wasn't reliable but the life of the party when I arrive - definitely not me - but I didn't care because I got to pick among cute baby photos and pretty pictures while I took it.

City, Rural, Suburb?

This quiz is fun to take as you read the responses: you like the smell of urine at the bus stop or dung on the farm.  Slashing sumac or a rooftop gym?  Don't take this quiz too seriously as you answer and enjoy a good laugh.

Balanced Lifestyle?

What's important to you? What do you like to do with your day or what magazine would you most likely pick up? I most like the question and answer: do you take work home? only if it follows me.  A nice balance of serious and fun with this quiz.

Popular Quizzes

Are you in love? How emotionally intelligent are you? Try these quizzes.  This quiz from Time magazine uses pictures. I really like the questions and pictures of this quiz but it's quite long.  I'm curious what the results are so give yourself some time to complete it.


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