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Can a Horse be a Service Animal? Bring a Peacock on a Plane?

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Dave Celone

You might be surprised to know.

Service animals, emotional support animals, and therapy animals have very distinct roles. Service animals have a job to do with a specific person in mind. Emotional support animals offer exactly that to one specific person. Therapy animals are trained to offer emotional support to many people alone and in groups.

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Yes, miniature horses have been trained as service animals. And as for peacocks? Read on...

An airline can ask for a letter from a psychiatrist before allowing an emotional support animal on board. Check your airline’s flight requirements for all three different types of animals and what’s allowable well before you fly. Different airlines might have different rules, so check around if you need to bring an animal on a flight with you. 

And as for bringing peacocks on planes, well, don’t hold your breath!

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