My Seizures may have been related to the Heart condition

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WoW What We Do Not Know

I have MS and seizures here and there I thought they were related directly to the MS however, 6/13/18 I had a seizure that turned into a TIA, in the hospital instead of a Heart Doctor I was rushed in to be evaluated by a Neurologist. A TIA is a mini stroke usually does not cause any long term damage and is something a seizure can lead too....I have strong opinion's when it comes to my health and disagree that my MS is at the bottom of my complicated health issues. In doing some research prior to my appointment in the morning I found this article I found it very interesting and thought what you don't know can kill you....Heart disease can cause seizures......I feel I have to be so assertive with all my 11 specialist and tell them I want to deal with my Heart issue first then we can go down the list and each of you can get your turn or rather your dollar....but please do not kill me in doing feels like DHMC in my personal experience is one big teaching hospital and my insurance is financing a big part of it as DHMC continues to do testing after test but no true treatment and the wild part is that DHMC is merging with every medical entity in VT and NH  

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