What’s White & White & Red All Over?

Can’t help but wonder why no people of color in this 6/7/18 VN advert.

White River Junction is More Diverse than Advertised

I’m sure it’s a dilemma for a local newspaper to accept advertising copy from a business that’s new to town and might not yet have a sense of the local community or its expectations. Though when the advertisement comes as a full pager, and is run multiple times, it probably gets easier and easier to accept most any content given the fees collected. In this case, a retirement community advertises regularly with photos of happy caucasian people. I get the happy part, after all, this is advertising. Good marketing dictates delivering good feelings to a target market to sell a product. But how about when advertising excludes portions of the community into which it moves by depicting only one slice of the populace? I wonder whether it’s intentional or mere oversight? Either way, if I was the marketing or advertising director of the company doing the advertising and had this pointed out to me, I guess I’d be red all over. And you?

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