I try to take Friday and Saturday Off but .............

Heart Disease leading killer of Women

I have two day's before I see my Surgeon

The CT Scan showed a 70% Blockage on my Left side and a 50% Blockage on my right side as of 6/13/18 So Monday morning first thing I go to Berkshire Medical Hospital in Pittsfield Mass. to see my Surgeon Dr. Chon. I like him very much he had been with me for over two years. He is a no nonsense kind of Doctor. I have a rare condition that develops in Diabetes and although my A1C is on target in my book complications arise without warning. About four years ago I started to have Renal failure and I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Gorson he put me on a 70/30 insulin and saved my life. Now I feel like I have so much to live for unlike ever before and will follow through with Dr. Chon"s assessment, meaning I am putting my life once again in the hands of God. I am scared but my fear will guide me as it usually does, so a deep breathe in and out as I go along my way! 

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