WORTHY VERMONT EXPANDS: Creemees and frozen Yoghurt in Woodstock.

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Alix Klingenstein

Let’s Go Out for Dessert

Woodstock holds a little secret of the sweet delicious nature, tucked away in an alley, across from the Welcome Center.  Welcome to Sweet & Salty!

Residents of the town have the perfect excuse to go out after dinner now and patrons at the various inns have an easy and appealing, circuitous route to its door.  The rewards are simple and rich: frozen yoghurt and ice cream with flavours alternating between vanilla, chocolate, maple, strawberry and salted caramel...or all of these at once or something new again.

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As you approach, a neat, small white cottage with orange parasols and a few outdoor metal tables and chairs create the perfect dessert nook.  Step inside and Daniel might greet you, a friendly young man with forthright knowledge of his ingredients.  Sweet & Salty is an extension of the Worthy empire in our environs and a most welcomed one for sure this hot and humid summer.

Roger Amato, frequent patron, enjoys his frozen delights after a sweltering day

When you enter, you’ll see the old fashioned soft-serve machines with their slick metal handles.  Grab a cup, one size, fill it high, fill it low; mix it up, keep it pure!  It’s all up to you.  Move along to the chopped section and you might add some nuts, chopped Orio cookies, chocolate and caramel hunks, peanut butter cup clumps, chocolate chip lumps or any number of other colored jimmies and goodies.  Daniel then places your cup on a scale and the price is calculated.

Selections’ wall

That’s the sweet side.  The salty offers you a choice between a hot dog or a pretzel and later this summer a delicious sandwich may be added to the offerings and elaborated as a daily special.

Sweet & Salty is open daily from 1pm until 9pm and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

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