Meet Ivy. She's a good egg —and check out her amazing duck imitation w/ VIDEO

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Jeff Good

Driving south on Route 106 through Weathersfield, I rounded a bend near Little Ascutney Mountain and saw a small table and hand-lettered sign advertising eggs for sale.

I slowed a bit and, in the corner of my eye, saw a freckled-faced girl scurry across the dirt driveway toward the road, her eyes bright with hope. 

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It was scorching hot and I wouldn’t be home for hours, hardly ideal circumstances for buying a dozen (unless I wanted car-boiled eggs). But seeing her face, how could I not stop and ask her story?

Turns out, it was the first time Ivy Rohrbach, a 10-year-old student at Mid Vermont Christian School, had tried to sell eggs from the family’s flock of hens, fluffy creatures with names like Luna, Ophelia, Georgia and Candy Cane.

“I just sit out in the shade because it’s so hot and wait for people to pull in,” she told me.

How’s business? “Nobody has come yet,” she said around 11:30 a.m. “But I bet it would be fun.”

Come on, people. Stop and buy some eggs from Ivy and her mom, Katie. They’re located just below Tarbell Hill and Little Ascutney roads and you can take home a dozen for $2.75.

If you’re lucky, Ivy will give you a rendition of her amazing duck call. Watch this video and see if you can tell the difference between her and the waddlers that respond. 

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