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Qi Gong (Qi – life force energy; Gong – work or skill) practice involves aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and greater physical and mental fluidity.  The practice sequences include gentle stretching, flowing movements, and standing postures that are quietly harmonized by rhythmical breathing and a calm, unhurried, focused mind.  The movements stimulate and invigorate the energy in the body and support health and vitality.  The imagery of natural and animal life is interwoven into the practice to help us revitalize our connection to the world of nature. The Center for Disease Control has named Qi Gong as a primary self-care practice that supports aging with grace and ease.  

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Landon Hall is a trained teacher of MBSR and MSC, and has trained for several years in the art of Qi Gong with Lee Holden, an American Qi Gong Master based in Santa Cruz, CA.  There are at least 2500 styles of Qi Gong currently practiced in the US alone.  Landon teaches primarily in the style of Lee Holden, which you can learn more about at

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