This cone served to me without a paper wrapper. Will wonders never cease!

Found, At Long Last...

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Dave Celone

The Paper-free Ice Cream Cone. Finally!

Finally. I found it. Maybe the only place in the Upper Valley where you can get a sugar cone served without a peel-off paper wrapper stuck to it. Where? A totally under-the-radar and understated place in Lyme, NH called Loch Lyme Lodge.

Street view of Loch Lyme Lodge from Route 10 just about a mile north of the Lyme Town Common

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Pull in and park, walk across the dirt lot and, voila, before your eyes is a little, olde-fashioned counter window that servies ice cream and other fare. I had the Wildberry Sorbet, and it made my day. Not a huge selection of ice creams, but, hey, with a paper-free, glue-free cone who needs huge variety!

A real old-fashioned ice cream counter!

The cones come in a box and are organic to boot.  What could be better!

Sugar cones that are organic and paper free. Wheeeee!

Big thanks to everyone who emailed me about their distaste for paper-wrapped cones. Check out this place and you’ll enjoy what I call the nub of the cone and that last, little satisfying crunch.

The nub. My favorite. And no paper or glue to worry you!

Oh, hours at Loch Lyme Lodge are 11:30 am to about 4:30 pm every day during the summer months.


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