Wait, WHAT? Lou’s in Hanover?

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Susan B. Apel

The word is out that Lou’s has been sold. Naturally, one might ask if there will be any changes. One might ask, but no one dares; one fears the answer. Because Lou’s is one of those rare things that is near-perfect just the way it is. 

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My own idiosyncratic "why so" list: The waitstaff who seem able to hustle your and everyone else’s orders in record time while simultaneously chatting you up like the long-known neighbors that they are. The waffles and pancakes with fruit and real maple syrup, even if it costs extra. The muffins waiting in their front-of-the-store trays before one makes it onto your plate. The long lines which, as you near the front, force you to ogle the cupcakes and the mile-high pies in the big glass case. The crullers for sale on the sidewalk even though I have never eaten one. And lastly, while the menu has been adapted to roll with the times (açaí this, gluten-free that), there is the corned beef hash. The hash! My friend from New York City orders it almost every time she visits me, and when she doesn’t, I can see her fork twitching as she is eyeing mine.   

Lou’s. What’s the best part of it for you? Leave a comment. Curate your list. Go.

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