A Walk Through Windsor History

Historic marker at the Constitution House in Windsor

A few years ago the Town of Windsor placed several historic markers around town. You may have noticed one at the Common, or at the Constitution House but have you ever stopped to read one? There are actually 7 signs:

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·         Constitution House

·         Windsor House

·         State St. Common

·         Depot Ave. by the Station Restaurant

·         Old South Church

·         American Precision Museum

·         Kennedy Pond Dam


The tour can be found on the town Website here or you can spend a few pleasant hours walking around and reading or listening to the signs (each sign, with the exception of Kennedy Pond, has a QR code that you can use to play a recording of the historic information on your smart phone). Have guests visiting this summer? This is an interesting (and free) way to keep them entertained. You may be surprised what you learn!


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