My youngest Son elevate's my Health and my art work like no other could

A gift from my Son Austin Lee

At such a younger age only 27

I know I talk a lot about my youngest Austin Lee but as a person he is so kind and giving in a way that most people overlook as cocky and a know it all....when he was very young I allowed him to answer the house phone and his manor of speaking had people calling thinking he was much older than he was I would giggle to myself and think well maybe he is meant to be so much more than I could ever "train" him to be....everything was fast for him...learning to walk at 9 months on his first motorcycle at 6 months and on the phone talking to grown adults' at one year old like an adult .  Today he brought me an easel, some thing I have always wanted and he got it for free which makes it more special than any 1,000000,00 dollar gift I cold ever receive! My heART is in rejoice of the gift he gave and the time he took to show me his love in the most positive way...I am in hopes that my Grandchild to be is as sensitive as he Because we need so much more love in the world than we have NOW 

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