Cafe Renee: WRJ’s Latest Arrival

Tucked into the Hotel Coolidge lobby.

An Art Cafe That Feels Like Home

Hooray for Cafe Renee! WRJ and the historic Hotel Coolidge have finally gotten their due with a neat little offbeat cafe where you can sip a coffe and sample up some free wireless bandwidth — along with an assortment of homemade muffins, bagels, fruit and other morning fare.

A comfy nook, a cup of good joe, and the floor, oh the floor. Like a patio in Nice, France I once adored.

You’re also guaranteed to get a broad smile and gregarious (at least for a beret-wearing artist) greeting from Janni whose brainchild this is, along with her husband, Jeff, Janni will be working Renee’s offerings into luncheon fare a few weeks along, so watch for that, too. The Cafe gets its name from Janni whose middle name is Renee. Given the catchy rhyme, I can see why Janni fits here so effortlessly, as does sweet little Cafe Renee.

The best little mural in all of Vermont looms large giving energy and old-world fun-flair to this unique WRJ Cafe.

Janni, center, serving with a beret-capped smile.

This Cafe just feels right to me as the next easy spot to meet and greet for a morning cup, with entry from So. Main St. or from the Coolidge lobby. The coffee is fine, and the cultural flair of the place is sort of SoHo-Bohemian-Modern, with design details that promote relaxation and a feeling of wellness — along with what has to be the prettiest mural in VT painted many years ago by a then-young Dartmouth College student named Peter Michael Gish. Gish still paints at 90 years young, and lives on the Rhode Island coast.

Coffee to live by, with an artistic flair.

Best to visit Cafe Renee soon, before it gets truly discovered and lines slide out the door. Hours are 7-11 am, seven days a week for now. Lunch hours are just around the corner. You’ll like this place. I certainly do!

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