Switchel: a.k.a. Nature’s Gatorade

Switchel: A New Old Summer Drink

Submitted 4 months ago
Created by
Dave Celone

A True Taste of Vermont

It’s back. Switchel. That old world concoction of apple cider vinegar, molasses, water, and ginger. Or, in VT, maple syrup instead of molasses — and sometimes lemon juice and oatmeal, too. It’s tasty and it delivers a power-packed punch of great probiotic gut bacteria to keep you healthy.

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Switchel was once given to stage coach travelers to ease queasy stomachs. It’s also known as “haymaker’s punch” because farmers drank it instead of alcohol when working the fields.

Switchel’s reputed health benefits include:

1. Eases inflammation,

2. Balances electrolytes, 

3. A probiotic boost for your gut,

4. Boosts immune system (when ginger is used),

5. Let’s you enjoy maple syrup’s delicious sweetness!

Want to learn more? Here’s a link to more info and a good recipe for Switchel.  https://draxe.com/switchel/ Make your own. Experiment a bit. You’ll love what it does for your good health and wellness. And it tastes great on a hot summer day.


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