The Charles Brown Brook flows no longer into this dry swimming hole in Norwich.

A Perfect Day for a Picnic ...

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... and a little treasure hunting

Nature builds up, and nature tears down.

The proof of this maxim came barreling through the Upper Valley in late August 2011 in the form of Hurricane Irene, with deadly force winds ripping up the landscape with a mindless fury. 

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Much of the post-Irene remains of the town park and swimming hole just off Beaver Meadow Road in Norwich, nature has slowly reclaimed.

In its magical heyday locals would be gathered along the banks of the Charles Brown Brook during the summer as children frolicked in the cool waters of the once spectacular fresh water pool. 

All that's left of it now is a dry, grassy stream bed littered with rocks, a battered children's swing set and a gravel trail leading into the dark woods where dogs and their owners roam together.

It's a sad testament to the arbitrary destructive power of nature, but also an uplifting tribute to nature’s resilience. 

There is still much peace and beauty to be found in this park, as I discovered recently while picnicking in a shady clearing beside the much shallower Charles Brown Brook.

A fallen tree trunk made a comfortable seat during a recent picnic at the town park along the Charles Brown Brook in Norwich.


Later I tried my hand at a little metal detecting around the swing set and managed to dig up three old pennies.

Even though it was just three cents, the surroundings were priceless.

Three cents was but a small price to pay for the day's perfect weather and surroundings. (Darla Sterett photos).



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