For the Love of Joe! (Photo by Lura Pratson)

ABRACADABRA - Most widely recognized as a magic word to make something appear or disappear. These artists came together to create more than magic, but a coffee experience, filled with bold flavors and lots of love.

Photo by Lura Pratson

ABRACADABRA COFFEE CO. located at 54 Pleasant St, Woodstock, Vermont may just be the coolest, trendiest place in town to catch a cup of joe. They offer a small indoor/outdoor seating arrangement of wooden benches and tables. The coffee shop is conveniently located next to the East End Park.

Photo by Lura Pratson

Photo by Lura Pratson - Intimate Seating Indoors and Outdoors

They have a small shop inside the lower level of what appears to be a single-family residence. A sign that simply reads, "COFFEE" is set out by the street side to indicate when they are open, Saturdays and Sundays 9-2. The shop owners are hoping to eventually offer other more extended hours in the future.

Photo by Lura Pratson

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Started by a couple of "hipsters", Abracadabra coffee was really a plan b to cheese-making. Their goal was to move to Vermont and join in the fun of cheese making. Vermont has so much to offer, but they soon realized that the coffee scene was lacking. In an interview, Clint mentioned that he would drive an obscene amount of miles just to get a good coffee; that is when he and Antionette agreed, to make a change. They began roasting coffee, created a secret recipe, and well... Abracadabra! 

This photo was taken from Abracadabra Coffee Co Website

My favorite item on their menu is the espresso with milk, known to most as a cappuccino. There is always a whole lot of love in their coffee and they even show it with an art heart in the foam. Added bonus! Ask for a shot of CBD! To think you don't have to drive to Burlington anymore! If you don't know what CBD is here is a link that explains some of the benefits.

Espresso with Milk and Olivia's Bagels Breakfast Sandwich

The Abracadabra crew also teams up with various local food vendors and food trucks. For a while Saturday's you could find Olivia's Bagels and Sunday's you could find Tacos Tacos. Each week is different and you never know what you may find. Rumor has it they are in the works for a liquor license as well.

Espresso with Milk from Abracadabra & Aguas Frescas alongside Breakfast Tacos from Tacos Tacos - Eat them at the East End Park! :) (Photo by Lura Pratson)

One thing is for certain, if you go to Abracadabra Coffee, you will be WOW-ed and AMAZED by their magical coffee creations and eager to go back!

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