Lobster Meets Uber in Orford

Big John and mother-in-law Danielle serving up hot Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese for me.

Now, Lobster Roll Delivery Right To Your Doorstep!

Big John the Orford lobsterman and his fam have done it again. They now have an Uber delivery service for their lobster rolls, broccoli slaw, chips, pickles, and out-of-this-world-yummy lobstah mac ‘n cheese. It’s a four cheese combo that’ll warm your soul, heart, and every other part of you. For Uber delivery, all you have to do is email in your order to Big John at: lobster@vtrips.com. Really simple, and it gets delivered right to your door, or party, or cookout, or camp site, or wherever!

Suddenly, delivery makes Big John’s lobsterly gastronomic pleasures even more delicious.

And delivery is just $6, $8, or $12 based on where you are. Pretty darn cheap if you’re feeding a family or a large group.

This weekend’s menu at Rollin’ Lobster Rolls at 500 NH Rte. 10 in Orford, NH.

John’s lobstah trailer is open today, tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. Closed for the 4th, then back again next weekend for more delicious summer fun.

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You can drive hours to the Maine coast and spring for a $25 lobster roll, or just roll on in to Rollin’ Lobster Rolls right here close to home and get a better (that’s right, even better than Maine’s finest) roll fresh from the lobsterman himself right here in our beautiful Upper Valley. And now, Uber let’s Big John’s rolls roll right up to your doorstep.

Hours for this weekend are: 

Happy 4th of July!
Saturday 10 to 7
Sunday 10 to 7
Monday 10 to 7
Tuesday 10 to 7
Same menu as last week but we are hoping the crabeat is available. If the crab is not the best quality we won't buy it and serve it. I will post tomorrow about the 🦀 Have a great holiday!

Big John’s sign and trailer on the corner of Routes 10 and 25A in Orford, NH.

Big John’s Facebook Page for Rollin’ Lobster Rolls is at: https://www.facebook.com/Rollin-351019295422492/ for up-to-the-minute hours, menu items, delivery info and more. For delivery, just email your order to John at: lobster@vtrips.com before noon for delivery that same day. Or order in advance for the next day to be sure you get your lobstah before it’s skittered gone!

Lobstah. In Orford. Whatevah could be bettah?


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