Culture Shift?

Why post this in the Upper Valley?

Manure or S__t?

To say nothing of the Vermont law against billboards, this appx 5 foot x 5 foot sign crosses cultural norms that make some people uneasy. (I covered the phone number with my finger because this story is in no way an advertisement or endorsement.)

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What’s going on in our society that gives an Upper Valley farmer the right to slap a four letter word on a billboard just to sell more manure. Or dung. Or guano, muck, turds, poop, or guff.  Or any of dozens of other words that are a little less, well, filthy. 

To me, sure, I see the humor, but I can also see why lots of people are put off by the word on a sign for all, and all ages, to see. Have we really slid that far down the societal poop chute to let this sort of signage clutter our beautiful Upper Valley landscape and lexicon?

Your thoughts, please.

Note: the other side of the sign says “Best Mulch in Valley.” And, no, I won’t reveal the exact UV location of the sign, so please don’t ask. 


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