PHOTOS: Car sideswipes motorcycle in White River Junction

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One motorcyclist taken to the hospital with unknown injuries

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A couple on a motorcycle were sideswiped by a car on Maple Street as both vehicles were in the process of making left turns Friday afternoon.

    The woman on the back of the Harley Davidson Road King motorcycle took the brunt of the impact while the man driving it emerged with only scrapes and bruises from the collision which happened about 4:45 p.m. as both vehicles were headed east on Maple Street in the direction of the large intersection where Routes 4, 5, and 14 meet.

Bystanders and passing drivers rushed to help the woman who was thrown from the motorcycle onto the pavement

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   The motorcyclist, who did not give his name but said he is from the local area, explained that he was turning into the parking lot of Fast Track Auto, the former RSD trucking terminal, and police said the driver of the small black car had intended to make a similar turn into the neighboring Mascoma Savings Bank branch when the impact occurred.  

    Hartford Police are continuing their investigation into the mishap.

The woman, who was wearing her helmet, was conscious and talking with medics who responded from both the Hartford and Lebanon fire departments

Police said the driver of the car was very concerned about the woman who was hurt

The motorcyclist was able to drive his Harley back off the roadway under its own power

Police retrieved the passenger-side mirror from the car and other debris from the roadway

The passenger side of the car was buckled inward from the impact

Police interviewed several eyewitnesses to the collision

Damage to the motorcycle appeared to be entirely cosmetic

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