White River Junction

Train from Windsor to WRJ

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A place to see display's of Art

I take the train from Windsor to WRJ often and walk around to visit my friend's and family. I love seeing the window display's of Art and the growing downtown event's unfold each and every time I travel there and back. A lot of people say they did not know the train still ran as a transportation option. I love the ride and plan to travel longer distances over the summer and fall. The big kicker is you can pay in cash on the train but for example the ticket from Windsor to WRJ is $ 8.00 if you pay by debt/credit card but paying by cash on the train it is $ 15.00, it should be the same however it is not, so head's up on that choice. There is a discount for seniors and the disabled. The train gives you an option to pay extra for animals', bikes' or overnight compartment's for sleeping. In New England public transportation is scarce an issue for many Vermonters this is one option that is nostalgic as well as an experience one might not think of to take advantage of a different outlook of Vermont/New England.   
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