It's The First NH High School District Real Estate Market Throwdown! Who Wins?

I know what you woke up today wondering: What if you compared sales, median price and days on market for the communities making up four multi-town New Hampshire-based school districts in the Upper Valley? For May 2018, say? Who would win? 

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Thanks to Dave Cummings of the New Hampshire Association of Realtors, I have the numbers.

First up ...

Next we have ...

And our friends to the east ...
And finally ...
So who wins?

Well, first off, honesty compels me to share with you what Cummings shared with me: You shouldn't draw conclusions from samples this small. Questions this weighty are best considered with more evidence.

So really what I'm doing here is coming up with a new way to slice the latest Upper Valley sales data to see if readers find it interesting.

But I promised you a winner, and I always deliver on my promises. Let's see.

Hanover ... or, more properly, the Dresden school district ... well, sure, if you have the money. And apparently people who do are chasing these houses, because 53 days on the market, that's the quickest turnover in this group.

Mascoma ... props for the highest median sales price among the remaining districts, the ones priced for everyone else. But low volume, slow turnover. Hurts the overall score.

Kearsarge ... high volume, solid turnover. Strong performance.

But Lebanon ... strong volume, lowest price, double-digit days on market. Tough to beat. Woot! Go Raiders!


Wondering why Vermont was left out? Or Claremont? Newport? Fear not! There are more months. There will be more throwdowns.

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