Summer Solstice Flower Communion
Ended July 01
Essential Arts Reiki

Join us as we celebrate the Beauty Magic of Summer with Flower Communion, a service adapted from the Unitarian Universalist tradition. Yes, we'll use actual flowers to create a unique bouquet reflecting the beauty of diversity within our community as well as our common ground. Please bring one or more flowers if you can, but if you don't have a flower, come anyway, there will be plenty. Wildflowers or garden varieties, all are welcome.

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We'll also explore the Beauty Magic of Nature through Sacred Geometry, the fascinating patterns and designs that arise spontaneously or spiritually from Mother Earth, briefly during the service, then in a workshop following our regular potluck. We'll discover examples of this powerful symbolic wisdom in our world and learn how to integrate them into our own Sacred Earth Path to help us understand and navigate the dynamic challenges and opportunities in our lives. We'll indulge all five senses as we observe and interact with the environment inside and outside the church, practicing Permaculture principle number one, as an introduction to that system of living in harmony with the land and our human communities.

Presented by Dawn Hancy, Reiki Master Teacher, who combines experience in UU, Wiccan, Druid and other traditions, as well as Permaculture Certification through Earth Activist Training with Starhawk, author of "Earth Path," "The Spiral Dance" and more.

No RSVP required, but you can let us know you're planning to come, or ask questions about this event at


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