Balance: Knowing when to act, and when not to act

Find that point, and you've got it!

For those interested, I will be doing readings at the Solar Flare Psychic Fair at Tracy Hall in Norwich, VT on August 18th. 

For today's tarot tidbit, a bit of history. 

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The tarot was not standardized until the 17th century with the Tarot of Marseilles. Prior to this many variations in orderings of the majors, and a number of alternate majors, existed. Decks included such figures as Bacchus, and Jupiter, for the Hierophant, the Beggar for the Fool (though that one sometimes also appeared as its own card), Juno or Captain Fracas for the High Priestess, the Ship for the Devil, and others. Some "lost" majors also appear, like Prudence (the only Cardinal Virtue not represented in the standardized majors).  Interestingly, the structure of the majors, particularly the placement of the Virtues,  implies the potential for "extra" majors to appear after the Hierophant and the Tower. I have as one of my goals to design my own deck and include these in it.

On to the reading...

First card- universe/big picture- Temperance: harmonious blending of factors, not the joining of The Lovers where each part retains independence, but a true blending, with everything in due proportion

Second- point of view- Knight of Swords: Forceful and exacting, a power that sweeps everything else up with it and carries it along, or simply clears everything away as it passes. Almost the opposite of the previous card- a cautionary message?

Third- the meeting point of the first two- Four of Cups: A dissatisfaction borne of achievement, potentially taking the balance of Temperance to far and reaching a point of stagnation. A new cup,offering new possibilities, appears but for now the individual is stuck in place, not yet looking to see it. Clearly, the Knight of Swords's action is required to an extent. Another warning- keep yourself steady but also know when to act.

Fourth- active influences- Nine of Wands: Patience, strength held in reserve, security, knowledge of one's capabilities and security therein.  Knowing when not to act also plays a role.

Fifth- passive influence- Judgement: Whether condemnation or endorsement, a reckoning at the end of the current cycle as it draws to a close and prepares for the new cycle to begin.  

Sixth- current, where things are going or can be directed- Hanged Man: Stepping out of the situation, getting out of your head, to view things impassively. 

Seventh- comment on the spread-  Six of Wands: Victory, achievement- possibly the fourth cup in the Four of Cups?  This moment was not attained on one's own, though. Acknowledge those who helped you to get here.

Eighth- Will, or its meansl of manifestation- Two of Wands: Authority, foresight, vision, mastering what exists in one's inner world and extending one's Will outwards to make it reality. Playing off of the Hanged Man, this card could represent the next stage after achieving that perspective and the strength derived therefrom. 

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- Hermit: Secluding one's self to turn inward and delve in to one's own depths. All that you need resides there, you just need to find it and direct it in to a form that you can apply. Continuing from the Hanged Man/Temperance/Nine of Wands/Two of Wands dynamic. The nines also connect with the realms of dreams and imagination, part of the inner depths and reserves that the Hermit can explore and draw on.

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- Tower: Blasting away the old to make way for the new, something that the Knight of Swords also does. Not always a pleasant experience but still beneficial in the longer run. The destructive part of the end of the cycle mentioned in Judgement. Perhaps linked with the Six of Wands here, the victory her may not be fun in the achieving, but still ultimately positive. 

Key card- Justice: Balance and equilibrium but without any joining or integration. A static rather than dynamic balance,

More majors than anything else, representing archetypal forces at play, with Wands, representing will and creation, channeling said forces. Swords and Cups, reason and emotion in balance (Temperance and Hanged Man both representing similar concepts). No Pentacles, though, so nothing solid.

That's all for now!  See you next week!   

WRJ Tarot Musings out.

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