Hanover Store's W. Leb Beachhead -- Will Others Follow?

Allyson Weiner-Sawyer in her spacious West Leb digs

The Pink Alligator, the nine-year-old consignment shop at the back of the Nugget Arcade in Hanover, has a second location: Glen Road Plaza, right across from the PowerHouse Mall. It’s actually been there for a few months, but “most people don’t know yet,” says Allyson Weiner-Sawyer, who owns the store along with her husband, Bill. 

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There’s one group of customers who do know, however: people who prefer not to deal with Hanover parking. Weiner-Sawyer says that some of her longstanding customers no longer shop at the Hanover spot. “They’ve said, ‘I’m just going to go to the West Leb store,’ literally because of the parking.”

The move to a second store made sense for plenty of reasons. It has double the space, which means that more clothing and accessories can come out of storage and get bought up. “We have over 5000 consigners,” says Weiner-Sawyer. “This seemed like an opportunity to move our stuff faster.” The extra space also means they’ve been able to provide more men’s clothing than they could in Hanover. She and her husband also own The Dance Collective, which happens to be right around the corner in Glen Road Plaza. "Now it's just a hop, skip, and jump," she says. "Which is nice."

But Weiner-Sawyer is also hedging her bets. “I love Hanover and everything about it,” she explains. “But so many retailers are going out of business there, it’s nice to have a second spot. Rents are so expensive. And we’ve had people leave in the middle of sales because they had to run out to feed the meter.”

Even so, she and her husband are sticking with their Hanover location for now. “I grew up in Hanover, it’s sad to see all these places going. It would be hard for me to say goodbye to this one. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.” However, she adds, “Rent really is much more expensive in Hanover.  We’re all just trying to get by as small business owners. I know some Hanover businesses that would love to open in West Leb.” 

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