Devin Wilkie is willing to risk his life by standing in the middle of the road to help me illustrate this post.

Devin Wilkie Knew What He Wanted in a House. And He Bought It.

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Some of us find it hard to make big decisions because we aren't sure what we want. Devin Wilkie is not one of those people. 

At 28, he is a homeowner. He lives at 40 Mascoma Street in Lebanon in a house built in 1805. That's just where he wants to be. In just the kind of "this old house" he appreciates.

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Where did he want to be? In the core of the Upper Valley. (Check.) Close to work in Hanover. (Check.) In walking distance of restaurants, bars and entertainment. (Check, check and check.)

"There seems to be a more cohesive community when you can walk past your neighbors," he says.

Devin had been renting a condo in West Leb for three years when his two housemates left. He found more housemates. A year later they left too. This time he did a little digging, and learned to his surprise that -- down payment aside; he'd been saving -- he could buy a starter house for less than renting the same number of rooms. There's the cost of upkeep, sure, but that was a price he was willing to pay for control.

He wasn't drawn to cookie-cutters. He didn't care about move-in readiness. In a twist, he didn't want a house that was environmentally friendly, either -- even though he is.

"That's one fewer for someone else, and one more home -- the one I purchased -- that isn't as sustainable," he says. Now he's on a 3- to 5-year energy improvement plan.

It's probably not his forever home. But with its tin ceilings, wood floors and stone foundation, it's got his kind of vibe -- and for a purchase price of about $165,000.

Curious to see a little more? Check out Devin's video:

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