Looking for a Lovely Old Home Bargain? Drive to Haverhill. It's Not That Far, People!

For a decade Ted and Kathy Schiffman poured their hearts, time and money into their 1775 dream home. Now it's time to sell, they've cut their price so deeply they're bleeding -- and they can't find a buyer. 

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They think they know why: It's in Haverhill Corner.

"No one looks north," says Ted.

"People would come up and they’re like, 'Oh, I’ve never been up here before,' " says Kathy. "Everyone’s radius is so small. ... I don't know how you change people's minds about that."

So here's the deal.

Their house, now listed for $189,000, sits on 1.6 acres on Old Dartmouth Highway, which winds right into downtown Hanover. (Check out the full listing.)

It's a 34-minute drive to Dartmouth College.

It's a 42-minute drive to DHMC.

It looks like this.

And this.

And this.

The Schiffmans know it's not for everyone. It's old. It's only got one bath. They heat with wood, though they added a propane-fueled forced hot air backup.

But the schools are good. The community is great. And you can feel the history in the house, which is so much nicer than when they bought it for $150,000 back in 2007.

"We put at least $100,000 into that house, plus sweat equity," Ted says.

Kathy and Ted. Let's explain his Western necktie ...

As their 60s came around the Schiffmans decided to make one more move, to Montana. 

They put the house on the market in 2016 starting at $223,000. And again -- for less -- in 2017. And again -- for less -- this season.

The Schiffmans are living in Helena now, where they're renting -- renting, waiting and hoping for the right buyer to come along, just as they did.

"It's such a great house," Ted says. "It's bewildering."

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