The Best Margarita in the Valley?


Another Not So Hidden Gem of the Valley

When I moved back to the valley from almost a decade on the Seacoast I was worried that I would never be able to replicate the foodie haven that is the Portsmouth Twenty Mile Tastebud Blast Zone. I am not talking about the Seafood tourist traps but the great smaller eateries in those towns like Moxie, Cure, Ceres, Vida Cantina, Ohana, the list goes on.  Portsmouth and the greater Seacoast region have a seemingly endless supply of great restaurants so how could anywhere else in the State expect to compete, let alone the small towns which hug the banks of the Connecticut River? Well here is a not so well kept secret, tucked away in Opera House Square in Claremont NH there is an amazing little eatery called, Revolution Cantina and they make one of the best margaritas in the area if not the State (seriously Agave has nothing on this place).

There is something about summer which makes one crave the citrusy goodness that only a good margarita with a heavily salted rim can satiate. Margarita’s invoke feelings of summer, even for those of us with only a river to peer out at instead of an ocean, or in the case of Revolution people watching in Opera House Square.

The overall taste you ask?  While they have many options to choose from like their food Revolution’s margaritas are consistently tasty, fresh, and authentic. If you don’t live in town I would definitely recommend that on a warm summer day it's worth the ride (with a designated driver of course). As long as you are housing some Margaritas also make sure to enjoy some of their excellent flash fried ice cream.

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Happy Sipping

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