The Lobsterman Lives!

Big John all lobstered up and ready for the weekend in Orford.

More Lobster in Orford this Fri, Sat, Sun

Another summer weekend, another delicacy from the sea.  Big John the lobsterman has been working the pots all week long with his father-in-law offshore of Beverly, MA.

All week long they’ve been harvesting the oceans bounty and getting lobsters cooked, shelled, and picked apart in large meaty chunks ready to roll back into Orford and serve up as their delicious Rollin’ Lobster Rolls. 

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Here’s this weekend’s menu.  All delicacies. All delicious.  

(Saturday 10 to 8 Sunday 10 to 4 pm)

Lobster Rolls, shrimp rolls, lobster grilled cheese, Lobster Mac and cheese, shrimp cocktail, broccoli slaw, hot dogs, Mom's shrimp and orzo salad (with kalamata olives, feta, fresh parsley, and olive oil lemon dressing). 

Located at 500 Route 10 Orford NH, just downstream from Route 25A. 

You’ve gotta try it. I’m headed back again for another roll, and maybe lobster Mac & Cheese. Foodie heaven.  Ahhhh, fresh lobstahhhhh!

These guys are now on Facebook at:


Out at sea where the real work happens.


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