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Fire departments are getting tired of running to the laundromat

WILDER - "The message is don't overload the dryers and don't leave...stay with your clothes until they're done," Hartford Fire Captain David Rowlee said Wednesday after the latest of a half-dozen trips the fire department has made this year for a report of smoke filling the laundromat on Hartford Avenue.

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    The problem isn't the dryers, it's customers who don't follow the instructions, the captain said.

    "These dryers are really hot and the owner tells us that people just overload them," he explained, "The dryer isn't actually on fire.  It just melts the clothes and then the clothes start smoking," especially when some synthetic fabrics are involved.

    The fire department has to take each "smoke in a building" report seriously, especially since there are residential apartments above the laundromat on Hartford Avenue so, like with Wednesday afternoon's call, the initial alarm usually puts fire trucks on the road from Hartford, Lebanon and Hanover.

    All but two fire engines were quickly cancelled yesterday after crews initially glanced through the building but firefighters still had to thoroughly check the machinery inside and the vents outside with infrared cameras to make sure nothing was actually burning before they could return to their stations.

Hartford Fire Captain David Rowlee photographs the charred clothing pulled from the smoking dryer

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