Summer Concerts on the Norwich Green

The first one was a huge success

Sponsored by the Nowich Womens Club, with help from the Norwich Lions Club for this event and Norwich Business Council for future planned events

  The Norwich Women's Club is sponsoring 3 events at the Norwich Green this summer. I thought I would  report on the first as I was there on June 17, with the Norwich Lions Club helping with the cookout which was supported by the Lions club members The following members/spouses/guests helped with this event:

King Lion Warren Thayer, Phil Wheeler, Donna Wheeler,Gary De Gasta, Fran De Gasta, Jay van Arman, Brion Mc Mullan,Steve Flanders, Sean and Barbara Kenny, Jim Eakin, Nicole Vecchi,Peter Stanzal, Demo Sofronas,  and Norwich Fire Chief Alex Northern, I hope I did not leave someone out.

Photo credits go to Steve Flanders and Gary De Gasta.  If anyone else took photos and wants to share them for this story, I will add them into the story.  Please contact me at 802-829-9133 

 Those that attended this concert were treated to free burgers ,sausages, hot dogs, turkey dogs and veggie burgers. They were also nicely entertained with music performed by the Brian Cook band.

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Concert on the Norwich Green with the Brian Cook Band  ( 5:00 - 7:00 PM ) on Sunday June 17, 2018

The Brian Cook Band wooed the crowd

Demo Sofronas, and Norwich Fire Chief Alex Northern cooking up a storm under the watchful eye of

King Lion Warren Thayer

Barbara Kenny, and Nicole Vecchi organizing the food line and  Demo re-stocking  the veggie burgers

And that is the way you flip a burger Sean 

And here they come for some great food,

Should I have mustard or ketchup with my burger?

I think he went with both

Jim Eakin is the bartender for this event serving Ice tea and Lemonade

Oh no is the keg empty?

All restocked and ready to go again

Donna Wheeler selling Norwich Fair meadow muffins

The crowd making there way to the bandstand to hear the Brian Cook band perform

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The schedule of events is as follows:

Sunday, June 17

Concert on the Norwich Green with the Brian Cook Band  ( 5:00 - 7:00 PM )

Sunday, July 15

Concert on the Norwich Green with the John Lackard Blues Band  ( 5:00-7:00 PM )

Sunday, August 19

Concert on the Norwich Green with the Hobos ( 5:00- 7:00 PM )

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