PHOTOS: Out-of-control box truck tosses parked pickup truck into front porch of South Royalton house

No one hurt in sudden mishap

SOUTH ROYALTON - A driver from Enfield, New Hampshire emerged unscathed late Wednesday morning after he lost control of his box delivery truck on South Windsor Street and left the roadway where he ended up striking the back of a parked pickup truck which was thrown forward into the porch of a house by the impact.

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    "I heard a godawful noise and I wasn't sure what it was but I came outside and found out," said the homeowner who emerged to find his pickup truck had been sent a couple of vehicle-lengths forward into the side of his enclosed porch.

    Truck driver Timothy Guerin, 57, of Enfield was not believed to be hurt but he was briefly complaining of chest pains after the mishap so a South Royalton Rescue ambulance crew transported him to a hospital for precautionary observations.

    "I think he was just shaken up.  He didn't have any visible injuries," Vermont State Police Corporal Mark Harvey said at the scene.

    "It looks like he just got one of the wheels on his truck off the side of the road," Corporal Harvey added.  "(Guerin) said he overcorrected and flipped the truck and it hit the pickup hard enough to push it into the house."

Looking down South Windsor Street, the truck had been coming toward the camera and left the pavement where the figure is standing on the roadside before overcorrecting back across the pavement

    South Royalton firefighters said that once they smashed out the window of the box truck Guerin was able to simply step out of the wreckage.

    Corporal Harvey said that once his investigation wrapped up he expected the worst that Guerin might get out of the incident would be a ticket for failure to maintain control.   A Royalton Town Highway crew planned to shut down South Windsor Street for a short time Wednesday afternoon to allow Sabil & Sons heavy wrecker service to remove the overturned truck.

Scattered cartons of juice drinks inside the overturned delivery truck

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