Hypodermic Needles on the Court and Pine Trail

Crazy is as Crazy does

Enough is Enough

I walk the trail almost every day it is a portal towards town.......the road construction is a menace but it is coming along just fine......so I sit on the bench and do my thing, whatever that thing might be for the day and, I  enjoy the peace I find there. Sometimes I see a lot of drug trafficking going up and down the trail because where it is happening there are camera's now watching the traffic coming and going so as I was told "where there is a will there is a way" meaning the drug user's will always find a way around being caught and forced to be faced with their addiction. I personally do not care what other's do as long as it does not involve CHILDREN in any way shape or form so why can we as a people find a way to deal with the epidemic so that OUR future generations do not have to deal with the fall out of OUR choices? I mean I have seen so many children lay to rest upon the parent's choice......just saying let's keep an eye on that which it so most important Please OUR children the one's whom will exact us from our sleep of  hopelessness......... 

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