Author, Nancy Stearns Bercaw, Dinner Program in Conjunction with the Kick-Off of Bookstock
Ended July 23
Jen Bloch

Menu:  Grilled Beef Kababs, Corn and Tomato Summer Salad, Roll, and Pavlova (Vegetarian option available with advance notice)

In her book, “Brain in a Jar: A Daughter’s Journey Through Her Father’s Memory,” Nancy Stearns Bercaw recounts her father’s battle with Alzheimer’s.  This unflinchingly honest memoir recounts her life with Dr. Beauregard Lee Bercaw, or "Beau," who became a neurologist in response to watching his own father deteriorate and die of Alzheimer's. For many years Beau kept an autopsied brain in a jar on the desk in his office as a constant reminder of the struggle that he waged against the disease first with his patients, and ultimately for himself as he succumbed to its effects. This is also the story of the author's own struggle to establish her identity and to navigate the treacherous and ever-changing emotional terrain of her relationship with her father, as she literally traveled the world in her quest to make sense of both of their lives.

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“Brain in a Jar is an American Gothic tale of love, grief, genetics, obsession, adventure, fear and courage. The Bercaws might break your heart, but they’ll also remind you why Alzheimer's disease must take center stage in politics, medicine, and art." --Bob Kerrey


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