Why Would Terry Osborne Sell a House He Loves?

I don't know about you, but when I think "Hanover real estate" I don't visualize lovable ranches. Which is why the real estate listing on DailyUV titled "For Sale: Adorable House in Hanover" caught my eye. 

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Turns out it's on Dogford Road in Etna -- which is the most adorable section of Hanover, hands down. It's listed for $295,000, dropped from $310,000 when the owner put it on the market in April.

"It's been wonderful," said Terry Osborne, the Dartmouth professor who owns the property and lives nearby. The ranch is an experiment: a rental he bought five years ago for $248,000.

It sits on 4 acres.

It's got new appliances.

Plus three bedrooms and a bath.

Osborne is a first-time landlord whose investments in the property focused on the fundamentals: wiring, drain pipes, water supply lines, generator setup. Those fixes helped him sleep better at night.

His tenants rocked: two young couples in succession, drawn here by studies at Dartmouth or work at DHMC. "Really responsible," he said. "Really nice."

Osborne is selling because it's time to make space in his life for his next writing project. Listing it himself has been an education all its own.

"I think you always hope your house is going to sell right away, right?" he said.

Showings have taught him the ranch isn't for everyone. Some buyers want to be closer to town. Others want more space and a different style. That's okay by Osborne. His buyer is out there somewhere.

"I want to make sure that the people that buy it love it as much as I have," he said, "and like it as much as the tenants have."

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