PHOTOS: Two-alarm fire destroys Heirloom Antiques and Furniture Hospital above White River Junction

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A dozen fire engines from both sides of the Connecticut River are on scene

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - A smoky fire that was discovered just before 5 a.m. Tuesday morning destroyed a hodgepodge of a building above downtown White River Junction that was packed to the rafters with antiques and vintage clothing.

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    "This is a super, super dangerous building," noted Hartford Fire Lieutenant Shawn Hannux who was on the first engine which arrived to investigate.  Due to the maze-like interior of the structure, which was built on a slope with entrances on both the first and second floors, the decision was made right off the bat to fight the fire strictly from the exterior rather than risk putting firefighters inside amongst the rabbit warren of fragile and flammable items.

    The fire was still burning as of 7 a.m. and smoke from the blaze was drifting up over the terraces clear to Sykes Mountain Avenue.  Check Daily UV later today for an update on the fire investigation.

Flames breach through the front wall of the building

Norwich's new Fire Chief Alex Northern checks out the back side of the structure under heavy smoke conditions

Firefighters smash out the windows on the lower level by the furniture workshops

Hartford Fire Chief Scott Cooney (right) commands the incident from his vehicle in the parking lot

Firefighters decided to rescue Old Glory from off the facade of the burning building

Misson accomplished as Hanover Chief Martin McMillan takes the flag back to a safe place

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