The Long Pond and the 'Shorty' of It

Long Pond in Croydon, New Hampshire proved its "metal"

Croydon pond turns up some interesting finds

This past Saturday I decided to try my still questionable luck treasure hunting at tranquil Long Pond in Croydon, N.H., a modestly large body of water all tangled up in angler history.

Although I didn't expect to find much treasure along the strips of beach sand, which served as access points for anglers and small boats, my Garrett Ace 250 proved it's an electronic bloodhound at finding metal.

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For this trip I wore my shorty wetsuit but decided against snorkeling in the murky water, which was too deep and weed infested for my safety. It also explained all the snagged fishing tackle.

Instead, I confined my search along the shoreline using my Ace 250 and Scuba Tector metal pin-pointer.

One after another the Ace 250 hit upon discreet targets buried deep in the sand: antique nails, bottle caps, beer cans, jacket zippers, fishing weights, a spinner and lure.

The machine then led me to the discovery of a very old broach that was missing its stone setting, and to the corroded remains of a rowboat oar lock. 

By the looks of the oar lock I imagined it had been in the water nearly 100 years. 

Later in the afternoon I dug up five old Lincoln pennies and found that after all the bending, stooping, and digging activity my wetsuit had succumbed to the vertical and lateral forces that were in play.

The end result was a good-sized hole near dead center of my backside -- certainly not the target I was looking for. 



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